Elevate Access
to Justice

Bridging legal questions and answers by empowering industry problem solvers with game changing AI products.

Our Focus

We bring deep legal publishing and innovation expertise together with world-class machine learning and applied AI specialists to revolutionize the world of legal problem solving.

We enable legal professionals to access and synthesize complex legal information in the moment so they can outperform their best selves with quicker and more cost effective access to highly relevant and powerful insights.

We seek to lead, collaborate, and drive positive change within the legal community.


Our name and mission blends the science and philosophy of law (jurisprudence) with the support of a wise, knowledgeable, and trusted advisor (sage).

Our goal is to elevate access to justice and close the gap between legal questions and answers by building powerful applied AI products that support an ecosystem of legal problem solvers.


Click here to learn more about our first product – My Jr – the junior legal assistant that provides the right case insight when you need it.

If you share our enthusiasm for revolutionizing the world of legal problem solving and want to chat, drop us a line! We are eager to build a community of partners, suppliers, and employees who support legal innovation.